FAQ- frequently asked questions

What is the difference between big and small/mini group?: 


Big group 

Small group 

# of people 


Lesson duration for adult/junior 



Lesson duration for kids



Lessons per week 



Live lessons per week 



Video lessons per week 



Own teacher 



Contact with your teacher 


direct contact 

Access to lesson materials 

Website and app 

Website and app 


85 euro/month for adult/junior 

60 euro/month for kids 

2 times expensive 

170 euro for adults 

120 euro for kids  


Where can I learn? 

Learn on our website- learn portal www.fulminis.de and our mobile app. 

How to enter to the fulminis.de website? 

Login as a ‘Guest’ to see the course details details. If interested, register to the website as a new member.

How many lessons/week? 

5 Lessons per week. 

How lessons are take place? 

The lessons are held mostly in form of live online -lessons with your own teacher. 

How many live lessons/week? 

4 live lessons for a big group 

5 live lessons for a small group 

What is the difference between big and small group? 

The advantage of the small/mini group is more direct contact with your own teacher, prolonged lessons, up to 6 people in a group and more live lessons. Big group is much cheaper, your success depends on your own hard-work. 

Where the live-lessons will take place? 

It is held on the ZOOM app. Install it from apple and googleplay store. Find the meeting ID inside your member area or in your group on facebook.  Give the meeting ID on the ZOOM app at the pronounced time and date to access to the live-lesson 

What will happen if missed the live- lesson? 

The missed lessons are always saved, and stored in your member area on fulminis.de. 

Can the teacher see me during the live-lesson? 

Yes, they see you. However, see the students option can be also disabled. In the big group, ‘seeing the students’ option always disabled from the teacher side. 

Can other students see me in a big group live-lesson? 


Can I hide myself during the live-lesson? 

You have 2 options. Either show or hide yourself. On the app tick the ‘shut down my video’ option to hide.  Enable ‘connect to the audio’ option to talk with your teacher directly. 

Where can I find the lessons materials? 

All lessons materials are available online 24/7 on our website fulminis.de and our app. 

How can I access to the fulminis app? 

Install the app from the apple or goodle play store. Give our website name ‘www.fulminis.de’. You are in your member area of the website. 

What kind of lessons materials are there? 

Videos, live lessons, handouts, exercises, quizzes, new words etc . 

Is there a homework? 

Yes, mostly one big homework per week. 

How can I do assignments for each lesson? 

Each lesson has assignments. The students need to do it either during the lesson or afterwards. 

How can I submit my homework? 

The quizzes will be directly submitted on fulminis.de. Separate video homeworks, please submit to your facebook group under the homework request as a comment. 

Can I learn on an app? 

Yes, you can learn on our Fulminis app anywhere, and anytime. 

Is the app free? 

Yes, it is free. Login to the app with the same credentials to our website. 

Who will be our teachers? 

Your teachers are native German, French, Russian, English professional teachers. Our teaching position is very competive, we hire only the best. They all very experienced, got Bachelor degree in teaching. 

What is A1, A2, B1, B2 level mean? 

The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) is an international standard for describing language ability. It describes language ability on a six-point scale, from A1 for beginners, up to C2 for those who have mastered a language. https://www.cambridgeenglish.org/exams-and-tests/cefr/

More details about the course curriculum? 

We follow strictly the CERP standard. Each course level equivalent to: 

English – Cambridge English https://www.cambridgeenglish.org/exams-and-tests/cefr/

German- GOETHE institute https://www.goethe.de/en/spr/kup/kon/stu.html

French - DILF is an acronym that stands for Diplôme Initial de Langue Française, the DELF is the Diplôme d'Études en Langue Française and the DALF

Russian – TELC https://www.telc.net/en.html#

How about the intensive course? 

The intensive course are held 2h per day, duration- 3 months, 40h/month. 

What intensive courses do you offer? 

We offer German intensive course for 3 months due to high demand of ‘Skilled worker’ new law in Germany. 

Can I communicate with my classmates? 

Yes, in 2 ways: 1. in your member area on fulminis.de. 2. In your Facebook group

What facebook group can I access? 

Once paid, you will get an invitation to join to the group. If no invitation arrived before the course begin, please send us PM on facebook. 

What will reach at the end of the course? 

Find the details to each course from the introduction to the course. You will reach the language levels by CERP. 

When start the course? 

The course starts at the pronounced date. However, the date may be postponed by 2-4 weeks in case of insufficient number of students. 

How can I register to the website? 

As a new member, ‘Create a new account’ on the right above the website. Give you email address, password, country. You will get a confirmation email. 

Why I can not ‘Log in’? 

Only after the payment, you can log in and get access to your registered course. 



Small/mini group: 


Can the teacher see me in a small group lesson? 

The advantage of the small group lesson is both teacher and students directly see each other, interact, chat and talk directly. 

Can I see a teacher and other students? 

Yes, you see and hear both teacher and other students directly like in a virtual-classroom. 

Can I hide my video? 

Yes, you may hide your video by ticking ‘connect to video’, but leave ‘connect to audio’ option on. 

How can I choose a teacher and timetable? 

Choose a Teacher in your appropriate timing by selecting from the given timetables

Can I change my teacher after 1 month trial? 

Yes, you can.




How much does the course cost? 

Each course costs. The price is almost 2-3 times lower than other courses. Cost range: 60-85 euro

How can I pay to the course? 

Pay directly on our website to your desired course with paypal or credit card. 

Is my paypal and credit card info safe by you? 

Both payments will be directed directly to the payment provider Paypal and Stripe. We Fulminis, do not collect your payment details. 

What happens at the end of the paid course? 

            You will be automatically dropped from the class attendance.

How long each course continue? 

            Each course level continue for 5-6 months. Intensive courses last 3 months. 

Can I reimbursed? 

You pay only 1 month for the first time to check out the course. Afterwards, you are opted to pay to the rest of the course for 4-5 months.  

The payment will be reimbursed full by deducting a transfer fee in case of our fault. 

Who is offering the language courses? 

We are professional EU company. Our headquarter is in Germany. We follow EU standards, and privacy policy.